Interactivity Description

The main allure for getting people off their bikes is COLD BEER. But it's not just Cold Beer - it's the Cold Beer Exchange! The interactivity is focused around weary (or lively) Burners coming by to trade in their desert-warm beer(s) for a frosty one or two and hanging out in our Apocalypse Wow'd "officers' lounge" (dome). If you're feeling risky, roll the dice for possible upgrades or downgrades including no beer exchange for a spanking, 2-for-1 exchange, or beer upgrade. If there's one thing we know burners love, it's something deliciously cold in the middle of the day, which is why we plan to run the exchange for at least two hours during the peak of the afternoon. We say at least two hours, as whenever someone is at camp during daylight and not sleeping (and we have ice) our doors/dome will be open. The 2 main hours the Cold Beer Exchange will be up and running with be from 12-2, but we are open to suggestions if you think another time would be best. In addition to the allure of cold beverages, our camp also promises to look awesome.

Though the interactivity of the bar is built on an exchange system, we'll also be gifting beers for Burners without them. Our friendly "officers" will still be checking ID's and stamping party-goers with our customer helicopter stamp. We'll also have other prizes to give away in conjunction with our dice game including dog tags and tattoos.

Our 28' dome—adjacent to the exchange--is intended for folks to mingle and kick back to the (modified) tunes of the 60's amidst the roar of intermittent helicopter sounds. Step out of the jungle and into French Polynesia. We have hammocks, plush couches, good vibes and a great sound system. Oh, and awesome people.

At night, we dim the lights. Our 4' helmet sculpture will be projection mapped atop our 40' bus. Passersby are encouraged to come take shelter in the dome and/or dance outside to check out the cool art we'll be bringing along.


Apocalypse Now will be open — and welcoming — to newcomers and veterans alike. To us, the event is largely about planning for risks, making it through a tough environment, and having an even better party when you feel you've earned it. You know what? Kind of like boot camp, going to war, and coming home to your family with a renewed devotion to life. Or maybe just back to the rowdy officer's club in Saigon before redeployment, thankful to be alive, one foot in death's door. (To each their own). Either way, our camp leadership is dedicated to providing a part of that experience through games of chance, shared spaces, and conversational wisdom.


Burning Man says it best — "Everyone is invited to play". Interacting with our crew and participating with us is encouraged via street-side placement, and seasoned heckling with a drill sergeant's megaphone.

Radical Inclusion

All are welcome to participate in the exchange, only 21+ can drink though.


Bottom line: we're providing a service: we're cooling your beer. Well, better than that, we're cooling it INSTANTLY. We'll also be giving away prizes, hugs, good times, more beers (if you're lucky), compliments and spankings.

Leaving No Trace

We understand that serving more burners means creating more trash. We'll have several large receptacles for cans. We'll be using a large bike with carrying capacity to bring cans to center camp for recycling. Our entire camp is dedicated to leaving no trace and picking up visitors' MOOP as necessary.


Nothing is faster or hits the spot more immediately than a cold beverage in the desert.

Physical Description

The public and interactive portion includes several parts - the Cold Beer Exchange Bar, The 28' "Officers' Lounge" Dome, a 40' vintage bus, and an open space for dancing.

Public spaces

The Bar

The Cold Beer Exchange is a 5x4' bamboo bar surrounded by stools and situated under a 12' shade structure. The sign will say COLD BEER in large letters, with "Exchange" in smaller print below. Call it false advertisement, but we know Burners like a little laugh. And beer. So it all works out. Behind the bar we'll have several coolers filled with ice and stationed by our crew.

The Dome

The Officers' Lounge is our 28' geodesic dome covered with an army parachute and camouflage netting. It could almost be a barracks… but the entrance reveals flowing white curtains. On the interior, we aim to bring a French Polynesian feel - the lighter side of Vietnam. Decor details are TBD but we have existing couches, hammocks, carpets, and sturdy netting, and fit around 20 people comfortably.

The Sculpture

Atop the bus we are rigging a 4x3' Vietnam-era style PVC helmet sculpture, which will be projection mapped at night with environment-protected projectors connected to a computer in the bus. See pre-viz on the website flyer. The open space is situated behind the cold beer exchange bar with ample room for outdoor seating as shown in the diagram. We will also move the table aside during the early evening for dancing purposes.

The Bus

...provides additional indoor chill space. It's decked out with a king sized bed, and several couches, plus its own built in bar. You can see the interior of the bus here:

Private space

Our non- public space consists of 2 yurts, several tents, roughly 4 cars, a 16' box truck, a kitchen with a 12' shaded structure a waste station and a water station. The living space will be primarily behind the dome shielded by the 4 cars. Tents are placed next to the cars to allow them to be tarped and shaded. The box truck is in the far back corner of the campsite with the gray water station at the rear. The kitchen hosts the trash receptacles as well as the recycling bins. All filled trash bags will be placed inside of the truck throughout the duration of the event. The bus engine faces outwards so as not to disrupt visitors to the camp (we also only run it during off-peak hours) and our 4 Honda EU2000i generators will be to the right of the kitchen near the rear of the bus.