Interactivity Description

Apocalypse Wow's main attraction is our signature Cold Beer Exchange bar. The premise arose from our collective experience of venturing out onto the playa with cold beers in tow only to find ourselves with left with warm beverages a short time later. Now we've got you covered! At the Cold Beer Exchange--dubbed CBX--you can "trade up" to a frosty beverage during the 2-3 hottest hours of the day all week long. We'll lure you in with heckling, compliments, and our large "COLD BEER" signage (the "EXCHANGE" part is less visible). We'll keep you participating with games and camaraderie. We'll also be gifting beverages to those participating in our various games and will also host a TBD-themed happy hour.

This year we'll also be hosting two to-three additional events:

Apocalypse CHOW, serving up Vietnamese spring rolls
Apocalypse HOW, an instructables crafting session
Apocalypse MEOW, cat-themed for feline-lovers for no reason other than it rhymes

Our 28' geodesic dome, known as the "Officers' Lounge," is open day and night for hanging, sleeping, music, and getting to know our battalion. We have an open door policy.

Our camp's combined years of service and year-round participation and dedication to the culture and community of Burning Man already makes Apocalypse Wow a destination to reconnect with our extended family.


We believe that getting to Burning Man alone is commendable and we want to to recognize all of our comrades, new and returning, by welcoming them "home" with games, a comfortable place to relax and to mingle, and a well-deserved cold drink. Despite the harsh and dusty conditions of 2015, Apocalypse Wow proved to be a mecca for cold beverages all seven days of the week.


We're pulling out all the stops to make Apocalypse Wow your destination with our daily Cold Beer Exchange and numerous events.


We'll be immediately (talk about immediacy) cooling your beers. You earned it! Also serving up hugs, compliments, Vietnamese spring rolls and funky beats.

Communal Effort:

We made it! Come check out our new-and-improved camp, projection mapped bus, and even guest bartend. We're in this together, soldier.

Physical Description

The public and interactive portion of our camp has a large dedicated area consisting of the following:

The Bar

Our expanded Cold Beer Exchange is a sheltered, eight foot, street-facing bamboo bar, which simultaneously entices and dupes fellow Burners. Though the "Exchange" portion of the sign is less visible, the ultimate trade-off is a win-win. Our deep freezer and numerous coolers promise salvation in the form of cold beverages throughout the week.

The Dome

Our officer's lounge is open to the public 24 hours a day. Decked out with hammocks, couches, Persian rugs, and mood lighting, Burners have come to know it as a comfortable and "homey" place to hang out. We encourage many a chill session throughout the day and into the night. The feel is that of your decorated Captain's house in the middle of a war zone--we are in the apocalypse after all. Plus round-the-clock (nearly) beats!

The Bus

Provides an additional oasis (particularly in the dust), equipped with a king-sized bed, couches and a serious sound system.

The Projection

The bus doubles as a screen for our apocalyptic montage complete with creepy jungle flute music and helicopter sounds.

The Public Shaded Area

As it turns out, the dome/officer's lounge/home/oasis doubles as an oven during the hottest part of the day, which is why we've added additional shaded space near the bar so you can kick up your boots and enjoy your (dis)honorable discharge.

Our private area surrounds the interactive area of the camp with the main living/eating quarters at the back, vertically flanked by vehicles so as not to wall off our entrance. The 24' box truck in the back corner (a placement we've decided to stick with in 2016) allows us to stow and sort trash and recyclables during the event. It is immensely helpful with food, tool and other storage and also serves as our kitchen "wall" where we can post our campers' daily responsibilities. Two generators are placed near the back of the bus along with trash receptacles. Two generators are also placed at the rear of the dome with more receptacles. Our gray water station, complete with a 55 gallon receptacle for leftover waste water sits at the rear of the box truck. Our solar shower is also at the rear of the truck.